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Table 1 Percentage of D. melanogaster annotated exons missing at least one splice site in D. simulans, D. yakuba and D. erecta.

From: A phylogenetic generalized hidden Markov model for predicting alternatively spliced exons

  D. simulans D. yakuba D. erecta
CS 2 1 1
CE 1 4 2
MS 10,1 9,0 11,0
IR 8,0 16,2 20,3
  1. Percentages are organized by exon type: constitutive exons (CS), cassette exons (CE), exons with multiple splice sites (MS), and exons with intron retention (IR). The second number associated with the MS and IR rows is the percentage of exons where the non-conserved splice site is constitutive (used in all isoforms).