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Table 5 Regulons of Zn cluster proteins.

From: EXMOTIF: efficient structured motif extraction

TF Name Known Motif Predicted Motifs Num-Motifs Ranking
GAL4 chips
CGGRnnRCYnYnCnCCG CGG[11,11]CCG 1634(3346) 1/1
CAT8 CGGnnnnnnGGA CGG[6,6]GGA 1621(3356) 147/13
HAP1 CGGnnnTAnCGGCGGnnnTAnCGGnnnTA CGG[6,6]CGG 1621(3356) 111/146
LEU3 RCCGGnnCCGGY CCG[4,4]CGG 1588(3366) 2/1
LYS WWWTCCRnYGGAWWW TCC[3,3]GGA 1605(3360) 33/21
PPR1 WYCGGnnWWYKCCGAW CGG[6,6]CCG 1621(3356) 1/2
CGG[10,11]CCG 727(4035) 1/1
  1. TF Name stands for transcription factor name; Known Motif stands for the known binding sites corresponding to the transcription factors in TF Name column; Predicted Motifs stands for the motifs predicted by EXMOTIF; Num-Motifs gives the final (original) number of motifs extracted (final is after pruning those motifs that are also frequent in the ORF regions); Ranking stands for the Z-score ranking based on support/weighted support.