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Figure 5

From: On the maximal cliques in c-max-tolerance graphs and their application in clustering molecular sequences

Figure 5

Clique {2, 3,4} at x = 2 has a global ordering of B(2), B(3), B(4), H(2), H(3), H(4) and a global ordering of B(2), B(3), H(2), H(3), B(4), H(4) at x = 4. When an interval is added to the y-structure it can either intersect all of the bases of a clique, or only a part of the bases, and/or all of the hypotenuses, or just a part of them. If it intersects all bases and/or hypotenuses, it can simply be added to that clique, if it only intersects a part of the bases and/or hypotenuses, it will split the clique.

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