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Table 1 Strongly Typed Grammar GP for GeneChip Correlation Prediction

From: Evolving DNA motifs to predict GeneChip probe performance

Primitives: Possible components of the DNA motif are defined by the BNF grammar (cf. Figure 8).
Performance: Score = true positives+true negatives, max 1166. (I.e. proportional to the area under the ROC curve or Wilcox statistic [19].) Less large penalty if egrep fails or it matches all probes or none.
Selection: Each generation the best 200 motifs from the current population of 1000 are used to breed another 1000 motifs.
Initial pop: Ramped half-and-half 3:7
Parameters: 100% subtree crossover. Max tree depth 17 (no tree size limit)
Termination: 50 generations