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Figure 1

From: Ranking differentially expressed genes from Affymetrix gene expression data: methods with reproducibility, sensitivity, and specificity

Figure 1

POG values for FARMS-preprocessed data. (a) Sample A vs. Sample B; (b) Sample C vs. Sample D. Number of DEGs is shown on x-axis and L is the number of DEGs from the up-regulation in one sample (Sample A or C) or other sample (Sample B or D) [21]. Percentage of genes (POG) common to the six gene lists derived from six test sites at a given number of DEGs is shown on y-axis. Note that POG values for shrinkT were not shown because statistics frequently include infinities. Also, that the reproducibility (POG) shown by only the w term (light blue line) in WAD is clearly higher than that shown by the AD (black line) recommended by the MAQC study.

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