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Table 3 Comparison of several alignment methods on the DynDom dataset

From: FlexSnap: Flexible Non-sequential Protein Structure Alignment

DALI Structal MultiProt FlexSnapR FlexSnap FlexProt
aC/aR aC/aR aC/aR aC/aR aC/aR/aH aC/aR/aH
97/2.31 87/1.27 87/1.15 85/1.60 96/1.46/0.45 88/2.14/0.45
  1. Two values are reported for the alignments of each method: average coverage for the method (aC in %), and average rmsd (aR in Å). For FlexSnap and FlexProt, we also report the average number of hinges introduced (aH). FlexSnapRis FlexSnap in rigid mode with the number of maximum allowed hinges set to zero.