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Table 4 Comparison of FlexSnap and FlexProt on the DynDom pairs for which rigid alignment methods returned coverage ≤ 60%

From: FlexSnap: Flexible Non-sequential Protein Structure Alignment

Rigid Alignment FlexSnap FlexProt
Method #Pairs aC (%)/ aR (Å) aC (%)/ aR (Å)/ aH aC (%)/ aR (Å)/ aH
DALI 30 31/2.3 89/1.75/1.37 79/2.36/1.37
Structal 282 52/0.77 94/1.72/1.34 93/2.08/1.34
MultiProt 164 53/1.12 92/1.59/1.56 93/2.0/1.56
  1. Two values are reported for the alignments of each method: average coverage for the method (aC in %), and average rmsd (aR in Å). For FlexSnap and FlexProt, we also report the average number of hinges introduced (aH).