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Table 6 PGA and treecat results using multiple references: Times

From: Phylogenetic comparative assembly

  PGA   treecat
Organism Matching Layouting   Matching Layouting
C. aurimucosum 436.2 s 184.1 s   104.4 s 0.9 s
C. kroppenstedtii 208.4 s 25.6 s   83.4 s 0.4 s
C. urealyticum 458.8 s 161.5 s   100.0 s 1.2 s
  1. Running times for PGA and treecat to generate the results of Table 5. The matching for PGA, done with BLAST, was measured only once, the times for layouting are the mean of 20 runs. The times for treecat are the mean of three runs. All times are given in seconds for performing the experiments on a sparcv9 processor operating at 750 MHz under Solaris.