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Table 5 Running times of the algorithm

From: Predicting direct protein interactions from affinity purification mass spectrometry data

Network (i) 1-cut & degree 2 vertices (secs) (ii) Quasi-clique predictions (iii) Genetic algorithm
Yu 0:00:29 0:31:02 15:00:00
DIP 0:00:41 0:48:14 15:00:00
PAM 0:00:19 0:29:49 15:00:00
DM 0:00:24 1:18:03 15:00:00
  1. Running times of our method on the model networks for each phase of the algorithm: (i) detecting 1-cut vertices and degree two vertices; (ii) predicting quasi-clique clusters; and (iii) running the genetic algorithm. We are reporting the average run time over three runs on each network. The implementation was tested on a Powermac G5 2 Ghz with 4 GB of RAM. Note that the genetic algorithm was run for a fixed amount of time, and the top scoring candidates achieved the quality as shown in Table 3. The times are shown in format.