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Figure 4

From: Module detection in complex networks using integer optimisation

Figure 4

Benchmarking of the procedure to address resolution limitations. (a) Ring-shaped network, each circle denotes identical complete graphs (subgraphs of three nodes, K3). Subgraphs are connected with the minimum number of edges, as shown. Dotted lines indicate modules detected through modularity maximisation without correcting for resolution (iMod). After accounting for resolution limitations (ResMod), each complete graph is identified as a separate module, revealing the correct community structure of ten modules. (b) Y-shaped network comprising of complete subgraphs with twenty and five nodes (K20, K5 respectively), linked as shown. Resolution limitations in modularity maximisation lead to merging the two smallest subgraphs, thus yielding three modules. The ResMod algorithm can correctly identify all four modules present.

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