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Figure 8

From: Back-translation for discovering distant protein homologies in the presence of frameshift mutations

Figure 8

Xylella fastidiosa: glucosidases. Two β-glucosidase variants from Xylella fastidiosa: [GenBank:AAO29662.1] - subsequence 202-2645 of the back-translation, and [GenBank:EAO32640.1] - subsequence 2-2444 of the back-translation. We only show in this image a fragment of the full alignment (the first 239 base pairs). The second part is not particularly interesting in our context because the sequences are aligned on the same reading frame, with a very small number of mismatches. In the first part, the sequences are aligned with a reading frame difference that is corrected starting with positions 304/104. The frameshifted alignment fragment has an E-value of 10-8.

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