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Figure 6

From: Sparse estimation for structural variability

Figure 6

Flexibility analysis of the 1a3s ensemble. A) Residue level Lasso with a window size of 5 reveals four fragments (peaks) of potential interest: 6-15, 30-40, 115-120 and135-142. B) The N-terminal region (12-20) of 1a3s. Multiple rotamers of R13 (left, red) might affect the interaction surface consisting of R18 (red), K14 and K18 (yellow), thus influencing Ubc9's N-terminus specificity. C) Variability around the catalytic site Cys93 (yellow). Residues Gln126 (brown) and Asp127 (green) have been identified through mutagenesis experiments as critical for Ubc9's interaction with a substrate. The black structure represents PDB coordinates.

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