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Table 1 Network parameters

From: Exploiting bounded signal flow for graph orientation based on cause–effect pairs

Parameter Value
n Number of network vertices 4,654
m Number of network edges 15,104
p Number of pairs 14,155
n t Vertices in MTO instance 1,278
p t Number of pairs in MTO instance 5,569
n* Number of vertices in star 1,049
m v Max. number of pairs per vertex 5,569
m e Max. number of pairs per edge 371
q Number of cross pairs 417
q v Max. number of cross pairs per vertex 417
q' Number of cross pairs after data reduction 306
q v Max. number of cross pairs per vertex after data reduction 306
n c Number of vertices in conflict graph 1,287
m c Number of edges in conflict graph 4,626
k Number of unsatisfiable pairs 77
  1. Values for various parameters for the protein interaction network instance from Medvedovsky et al. [3].