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Figure 1

From: Stochastic errors vs. modeling errors in distance based phylogenetic reconstructions

Figure 1

Deviation from additivity and stochastic error. (a) ΔJC is portrayed (green) in the homogeneous sub-model of K2P with R =10 in the interval t [0.8,2]. Its linear interpolation in that interval, Δint=At + B, is plotted in blue, and the maximum difference between the two functions is designated by X. The deviation of ΔJC from additivity in this setting is X 2 A . (b) The affine-additive SR function minimizing its deviation from ΔJC is Δ = Δ int + 1 2 X. The two SR functions ΔJC and Δ are shown with their stochastic error margins, assuming sequence length of 500 bp.

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