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Table 2 Benchmark for prokaryotes – Archaea & Bacteria domains

From: Alignment-free phylogeny of whole genomes using underlying subwords

Accession No. Domain Organism Size
BA000002 archaea aeropyrum pernix str. K1 1.7 Mbp
AE000782 archaea archaeoglobus fulgidus str. DSM 4304 2.2 Mbp
AE009439 archaea methanopyrus kandleri str. AV19 1.7 Mbp
AE010299 archaea methanosarcina acetivorans str. C2A 5.8 Mbp
AE009441 archaea pyrobaculum aerophilum str. IM2 2.3 Mbp
AL096836 archaea pyrococcus abyssi 1.8 Mbp
AE009950 archaea pyrococcus furiosus str. DSM 3638 1.9 Mbp
AE000520 archaea treponema pallidum sp. pall. str. Nichols 1.2 Mbp
AE017225 bacteria bacillus anthracis str. Sterne 5.3 Mbp
AL009126 bacteria bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis str. 168 4.3 Mbp
AE013218 bacteria buchnera aphidicola str. Sg 651 kbp
AL111168 bacteria campylobacter jejuni sp. jej. str. NCTC 11168 1.7 Mbp
AE002160 bacteria chlamydia muridarum str. MoPn/Wiess-Nigg 1.1 Mbp
AM884176 bacteria chlamydia trachomatis str. L2/434/Bu 1.1 Mbp
AE016828 bacteria coxiella burnetii str. RSA 493 2.0 Mbp
AE017285 bacteria desulfovibrio vulgaris sp. vulg. str. Hildenb. 3.6 Mbp
L42023 bacteria haemophilus influenzae str. Rd KW20 1.9 Mbp
CP001037 bacteria nostoc punctiforme str. PCC 73102 8.4 Mbp
  1. Prokaryotic taxa used in our experiments, divided by domain. For each entity, we list the accession number in the NCBI genome database, the complete name and strain, and the genome size.