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Figure 3

From: On the group theoretical background of assigning stepwise mutations onto phylogenies

Figure 3

Converting one character into another character using the cyclic group. (a) depicts the cyclic group Σ c , which consists of the identity s 0 s 0 and the three substitution types s 1 , s 2 , s 3 for nucleotide character states. (b) In order to convert the character GTAGA into ACCTC using this group, we need to introduce the operation s : = ( s 3 , s 1 , s 3 , s 1 , s 3 ) . As the operation salso transforms the constant character AAAAA to CGCGC, converting GTAGA into ACCTC is equivalent to evolving the character state A at the root along the tree such that the character CGCGC is attained at the leaves. The Fitch algorithm applied to the latter produces a unique most parsimonious solution of three substitutions as depicted by (c).

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