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Table 2 Prokaryotic ChIP motifs

From: MCOIN: a novel heuristic for determining transcription factor binding site motif width

Species Name w N
E. coli CRP 22 34
E. coli LexA 20 25
E. coli PurR 16 28
E. coli RutR 16 19
V. cholerae Fur 21 55
V. cholerae RpoN 15 37
M. tuberculosis DosR 18 24
M. tuberculosis LexA 18 23
B. subtilis Spo0A 12 94
  1. Summary of known prokaryotic TFBS motifs used in tests with real data. For each motif, the species and transcription factor name is given, along with known width (w, bp) and number of motif occurrences (N).