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Table 9 Prokaryotic ChIP data: classification-based results

From: MCOIN: a novel heuristic for determining transcription factor binding site motif width

Conservation Known width (w) MCOIN (w ± 4) E-values (w ± 4)
(mean bits/col) sSn sPPV AUC sSn sPPV AUC sSn sPPV AUC
0.99 0.75 0.67 0.99 0.75 0.68 0.99 0.73 0.67 0.99
  1. Mean site-level sensitivity (sSn), positive predictive value (sPPV) and area under the ROC curve (AUC) for 9 datasets created using real prokaryotic data determined through ChIP experiments. The datasets used are summarised in Table 2.