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Table 1 Details of steps implemented in Minia

From: Space-efficient and exact de Bruijn graph representation based on a Bloom filter

Step Time (h) Memory (Gb)
k-mer counting 11.1 Constant (set to 4.0)
Enumerating positive extensions 2.8 3.6 (Bloom filter)
Constructing cFP 2.9 Constant (set to 4.0)
Assembly 6.4 5.7 (Bloom f.+ cFP
   + mark. struct.)
Overall 23.2 5.7
  1. Details of steps implemented in Minia, with wall-clock time and memory usage for the human genome assembly. For constant-memory steps, memory usage was automatically set to an estimation of the final memory size. In all steps, only one CPU core was used.