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Figure 2

From: Configurable pattern-based evolutionary biclustering of gene expression data

Figure 2

Bexpa and Evo-Bexpa algorithms. Evo-Bexpa (algorithm 1.a) consist in iteratively invoking Bexpa as many times as biclusters are desired (while loop in line 4). Starting with an empty list of biclusters (line 1), lines 6 to 8 represent the transition between two inner iterations, where the recently found bicluster by Bexpa (invoked in line 5) is stored into the result list, and also the matrix of overlapping weights is updated. This weight matrix was initialized with 0 values in line 3. The inner genetic algorithm (algorithm 1.b) searches for one bicluster at a time. The weight matrix W and the order of the next bicluster are given to Bexpa for evaluation purposes. Specifically, they are involved in the overlapping control process among different biclusters. Bexpa starts with the initialization of the population in line 1. Lines 2 to 17 correspond to the iterative process for the search of each solution.

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