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Table 3 TRANSFAC Matrices for Triclusters, having statistically enriched TFBS for real-life dataset

From: Coexpression and coregulation analysis of time-series gene expression data in estrogen-induced breast cancer cell

Tricluster (no. of genes) 20 most significant TRANSFAC matrices (in ascending order of p-values)   FDR-BY corrected p-value of top-most matrix
Tricluster 3 (875) V$NCX_02, V$MSX1_02, V$PAX4_02, V$POU3F2_01, V$TBP_01, V$BRN3C_01, V$BARX2_01, V$HB24_02, V$HOXD10_01, V$BARX1_01, V$DBX1_01, V$HMBOX1_01, V$HDX_01, V$BSX_01, V$NKX52_01, V$HMX3_02, V$LBX2_01, V$HOXD13_01, V$NFAT1_Q6, V$HOXD8_01   4.29e-08
Tricluster 1 (4477) V$NCX_02, V$HDX_01, V$BCL6_01, V$ZNF333_01, V$DLX2_01, V$DLX7_01, V$DLX5_01, V$SRY_02, V$BARX1_01, V$SOX4_01, V$NKX24_01, V$HOXD3_01, V$LBX2_01, V$LHX61_02, V$SRY_01, V$TST1_01, V$DLX3_01, V$XVENT1_01, V$EVX1_01, V$BARX2_01   1.27e-05
Tricluster 26 (3177) V$E2F_Q2, V$ZF5_01,V$USF2_Q6, V$SP1_Q6_01, V$KID3_01, V$CHCH_01   2.99e-05
Tricluster 4 (3482) V$BCL6_01, V$HOXA10_01, V$SRY_01, V$NKX23_01, V$WT1_Q6, V$HOXB9_01, V$ISL2_01, V$HOXD10_01, V$HOXD8_01, V$NCX_02, V$X1_02, V$PAX4_04, V$BARHL2_01, V$DLX1_01, V$SRY_02, V$OCT1_03, V$DLX5_01, V$LHX9_01, V$DBX2_01, V$HMGIY_Q6   9.51e-05
Tricluster 2 (2186) V$CHCH_01, V$MOVOB_01, V$MAZ_Q6, V$PAX4_03, V$CACD_01, V$GEN_INI3B_B, V$GEN_INI_B, V$CKROX_Q2   0.0001
Tricluster 12 (476) V$SRY_02, V$NCX_02, V$BCL6_01, V$HB24_01, V$HOXA10_01, V$NKX25_02, V$SRY_01, V$PBX1_02, V$HOXD10_01   0.002
Tricluster 17 (999) V$CREB_01, V$CREBATF_Q6, V$SP1_Q6_01, V$ATF3_Q6, V$CREBP1CJUN_01   0.004
Tricluster 50 (182) V$ETF_Q6   0.006
Tricluster 18 (260) V$STAT1STAT1_Q3   0.042
Tricluster 31 (2465) V$SP1_Q6_01   0.046