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Table 1 Comparison of network-based measures between MKL, ANAT and the Steiner tree algorithm

From: A minimum-labeling approach for reconstructing protein networks across multiple conditions

Measure MKL ANAT Steiner
Influenza infection    
No. of labels 158 254 187
No. of edges 122 186 113
Homogeneity score 0.63 0.58 0.57
ER export    
No. of labels 152 213 163
No. of edges 145 203 144
Homogeneity score 0.88 0.74 0.81
  1. This table compares the subnetworks reconstructed by the MKL, ANAT and Steiner tree algorithms for the viral infecion and the ER export datasets with respect to the following measures: number of labels, number of edges and homogeneity score.