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Table 2 Comparison of enrichments between the MKL, ANAT and Steiner tree solutions

From: A minimum-labeling approach for reconstructing protein networks across multiple conditions

Biological process MKL ANAT Steiner
Influenza infection    
Intracellular receptor mediated 6.5e-10 2.1e-04 1.2e-05
signaling pathway (GO:0030522)    
Apoptosis (GO:0006915) 3.7e-04 1.7e-04 3.3e-04
Viral reproduction (GO:0016032) 2.5e-03 >0.01 >0.01
ER export    
Vesicle-mediated transport 1.2e-05 7.6e-04 8.5e-05
Cellular membrane organization 1.4e-05 6.6e-05 1.6e-05
Intracellular protein transport 9.2e-06 7.8e-06 2.3e-05
  1. This table compares the hypergeometric p-values indicating the significance of the overlap between each of the predicted subnetworks (considering non-input genes only) and the gene sets of GO categories that are of relevance to the investigated biological processes.