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Table 1 Semi-quantitative comparison of probabilistic approach with standard function prediction approach[22] using Mnaimneh dataset

From: Predicting gene ontology annotations of orphan GWAS genes using protein-protein interactions

GO term Fraction of genes correctly predicted by probabilistic approach Gene names (Yeast)
GO:0008213 18/20 YLR333C, YOR182C, YGR162W, YHR021C, YMR282C, YJL189W, YLR287C-A, YJR056C, YLR455W, YLR185W, YNL313C, YDL002C, YNL132W, YMR031C, YFR032C-A, YNL162W, YML017W, YEL054C
GO:0001510 18/20 YDR161W, YHR052W, YGR162W, YIL091C, YDR101C, YDL063C, YLR009W, YIL096C, YJR032W, YCR016W, YLR287C , YKL078W, YGR071C, YOL077C, YPL226W, YOR361C, YGR173W, YPL193W
GO:0018193 17/20 YOR182C, YHR021C, YJL189W, YLR287C-A, YNL313C, YLR185W, YNL162W, YDL075W, YJL136C, YMR282C, YHR141C, YOL098C, YGR034W, YLR406C, YGR162W, YFR032C-A, YIL069C
GO:0050790 18/20 YGR162W, YLR455W, YNL031C, YMR124W, YLR019W, YGL140C, YEL025C, YMR031C, YBR079C, YFR016C, YJL084C, YBL002W, YJR056C, YDR334W, YPL282C, YNL301C, YMR144W, YLR419W, YKL219W
GO:0009966 18/20 YHR155W, YJL084C, YDR520C, YHL004W, YER033C, YNL289W, YKR104W, YKL209C, YBR071W, YGR162W, YOR077W, YIR016W, YHL029C, YGR054W, YDL123W, YCR030C, YOR166C, YNL208W
  1. Table shows the fraction of the genes correctly predicted using the probabilistic approach. The dataset consisted of 1622 yeast genes and 138 BP GO terms.