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Table 4 Comparison of time and space complexity of some algorithms

From: RNA-RNA interaction prediction using genetic algorithm

Algorithm Time complexity Space complexity
GRNAs O(l2 + |P|) O(l2 + |P|)
TIRNA O(k2 log k2) O(k2)
SPM O(n3m3) O(n2m2)
LM O(n3m3) O(n2m2)
inRNAs O(k4w) O(k2)
RNAup O(n3m) O(n2)
EBM O(n3m3) O(n2m2)
App O(n3m3) O(n2m2)
Pairfold O(k3) O(k2)
IntaRNA O(nm + nl3) O(nm)
ripalign O(N6) O(N4)
PETcofold O(MIl3)  
RactIP O(n5)
  1. Here, l and |P| indicate the sum of the length of two RNAs and the length of an individual, respectively.