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Table 3 Correlation coefficients between the left flanking length and each physicochemical property difference (left ATP_flanking - non-ATP)

From: Simplified sequence-based method for ATP-binding prediction using contextual local evolutionary conservation

  Hydrophobic Polar Small Proline Tiny Aliphatic Aromatic Positive Negative Charged
Correlation coefficient 0.20548 -0.35369 0.803793 -0.20618 0.802904 -0.07958 -0.30385 -0.44621 -0.72413 -0.60791
p-value 4.45E-01 1.79E-01 0.000176 0.4436 0.000181 7.70E-01 2.53E-01 8.32E-02 1.51E-03 1.25E-02