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Table 7 Summarization of feature types and number of vector dimensions

From: Simplified sequence-based method for ATP-binding prediction using contextual local evolutionary conservation

Method Feature types Dimensionality
CLCLpred Modified PSSM 340
binary Binary amino acid composition 340
ATPsite PSSM+predicted dihedral angle+ss NA
Rate4site 3D-structure NA
LogisticPSSMa LogisticPSSM 340
LogisticPSSM+ Bipro-aa LogisticPSSM+amino acid composition 374
LogisticPSSM+ Bipro-dis LogisticPSSM+predicted dis 374
LogisticPSSM+ Bipro-sa LogisticPSSM+predicted sa 374
LogisticPSSM+ Bipro-ss LogisticPSSM+predicted ss 374
LogisticPSSM+ Bipro-all LogisticPSSM+predicted dis+sa+ss 510