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Table 2 Multi-location prediction results on the PROSITE-GO version of the dataset, averaged over 25 runs of 5-fold cross-validation, for the combined set of single- and multi-localized proteins, using our system

From: Protein (multi-)location prediction: using location inter-dependencies in a probabilistic framework

  F 1 F1-label Acc
SVMs (without using 0.77 (± 0.01) 0.67 (± 0.02) 0.72 (± 0.01)
Our system (using 0.81 (± 0.01) 0.76 (± 0.02) 0.76 (± 0.01)
  1. The table shows the F1 score, the F1-label score, and the overall accuracy (Acc) obtained from SVMs without using location inter-dependencies and from our system, which uses location inter-dependencies. Standard deviations are shown in parentheses.