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Figure 1

From: A constraint solving approach to model reduction by tropical equilibration

Figure 1

Tropical curves in the planes of concentrations and orders for the two variables Michaelis-Menten model. Tropical curves are defined as the locus of points where two monomials of a polynomial describing a differential equation are equal. The tropical curves for each differential equations are indicated by colors, blue for the first equation and red for the second equation. The vertical half-line of each of the tripods does not carry tropical equilibrations because it corresponds to equality of two monomials of the same sign. The horizontal and the oblique half-lines of the tripods carry tropical equilibrations. We have represented the two situations when k−1>k2 and when k−1<k2. All the tropical equilibrations are double (both variables are equilibrated) in the first case, and can be simple (only one variable is equilibrated) in the latter.

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