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Table 5 Runtime of variants of Algorithm 2 for computing double reaction knockouts

From: Double and multiple knockout simulations for genome-scale metabolic network reconstructions

Model Algor. 2 Variant A Variant B
   (no representatives) (no witnesses)
E. coli iJO1366 1h 8min 1h 59min > 6h
E. coli iAF1260 45min 21s 1h 30min >6h
S. cerevisiae iND750 6min 45s 8min 39s > 6h
M. tuberculosis iNJ661 3min 4s 7min 42s > 6h
S. aureus iSB619 46s 1min 59s 2h 32min
H. pylori iIT341 20s 58.1s 52min
E. coli textbook 0.68s 2.2s 23.0s