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Table 1 Input properties of the process networks

From: A graph modification approach for finding core–periphery structures in protein interaction networks

  n m n lcc m lcc C p A C i g
Cell cycle 196 797 192 795 7 148 6.3 1151
Transcription 215 786 198 776 11 54 7.5 1479
Translation 188 2352 186 2351 5 88 27.4 174
  1. Here, n is the number of proteins, without singletons, and m is the number of interactions; n lcc and m lcc are the number of proteins and interactions in the largest connected component; C is the number of CYC2008 complexes with at least 50% and at least three proteins in the network, p is the number of network proteins that do not belong to these complexes, and A C is the average complex size. Finally, i g is the number of genetic interactions between proteins without physical interaction.