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Fig. 5

From: Models and algorithms for genome rearrangement with positional constraints

Fig. 5

Colored partitions for the set [1, 8] where \(col(1)=b\), \(col(2)=a\), \(col(3)=b\), \(col(4)=c\), \(col(5)=a\), \(col(6)=d\), \(col(7)=a\), and \(col(8)=c\). Vertices are circles numbered by their order in the set [1, 8] and labeled by their color. Thick black lines are drawn between vertices that are in the same class of the partition. A The crossing partition \(\{\{1,3\},\{2,5,7\},\{4,8\},\{6\}\}\). B The optimal noncrossing partition \(\{\{1,3\},\{2\},\{4,8\},\{5,7\},\{6\}\}\). C The instance embedded on a line

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