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Table 1 Insertion time and memory usage for the real (P. aeruginosa) and simulated (Y. pestis) dataset. The compression ratio is given w.r.t. the original file sizes. Disk sizes for the SBT are given for the leaves first and then for the complete tree

From: Bloom Filter Trie: an alignment-free and reference-free data structure for pan-genome storage

  P. aeruginosa Y. pestis
Insertion time (min) 168.52 371.45 29.88 32.67
Peak of main memory (MB/compr. ratio) 7487/112:1 7356/114:1 1313/182:1 1586/151:1
Disk size (MB/compr. ratio) 1644/511:1 2076–4572/405:1–184:1 484/495:1  538–1117/445:1–214:1
Compressed disk size (MB/compr. ratio) 833/1009:1 1906–4280/441:1–196:1 225/1064:1 528–1099/454:1–218:1