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Fig. 1

From: Bitpacking techniques for indexing genomes: II. Enhanced suffix arrays

Fig. 1

Enhanced suffix array tables for the string acaaacatat$. Values are shown for the suffix array SA, longest common prefix LCP array, and the Child C array, consisting of Up U, Down D, and Next N values, with Next values taking precedence over Down values. Up values can be stored in the preceding array position. These values are colored to correspond with the arrows in Fig. 2. The suffixes in lexicographic order are given by \(\text{Suffix}[\text{SA}[k]]\). The discriminating character (DC) array introduced in this paper represents the first characters that differ between two adjacent suffixes at \(\text{Suffix}[\text{SA}[k-1]]\) and \(\text{Suffix}[\text{SA}[k]]\). The locations of these characters among the suffixes are shown as grey bars

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