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Fig. 2

From: Sparse RNA folding revisited: space-efficient minimum free energy structure prediction

Fig. 2

a Graphical representation of the sparse bp-based energy minimization recursions. A minimum energy general substructure (L lined pattern) over region [ij] is a closed structure (\(L^c\) solid arcs) or it is partitionable into two substructures (\(\hat{L}^p\) dotted arcs). Sparsification restricts the minimization over the partitions in the second row to consider only candidates \({[k,j]}\) for the second fragment. b Justification of the candidate criterion for sparse bp-based energy minimization according to the recursion of subfigure a Candidates are defined as regions [ij] where \(L^c(i,j)<\hat{L}^p(i,j)\)

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