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Table 6 Illustrative set of biologically significant BicNET’s modules: description of the highly enriched terms in the modules presented in Table 5 [74, 75]

From: BicNET: Flexible module discovery in large-scale biological networks using biclustering

  ID Terms description (\(\sharp\)) \(\sharp\)Terms p \(<\)1E−15 \(\sharp\)Nodes
DryGIN G1 Histone modification; regulation of histone H3-K79 methylation, histone H2B ubiquitination, H2B conserved C-terminal lysine ubiquitination, H3-K4 methylation (4) 6 27
G2 Regulation of gluconeogenesis; glutamate metabolic and catabolic processes (2);nicotinamide riboside metabolic process; nicotinamide nucleotide biosynthetic process 6 13
G3 Positive and negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II; Invasive growth response to glucose limitation and hyperosmotic salinity response by regulating RNA polymerase II (5) 5 12
G4 Meiotic anaphase I; activation of anaphase-promoting complex activity involved in meiotic cell cycle 4 12
G5 Negative reg. of phospholipid biosynthesis; lipid homeostasis; isopropylmalate and oxaloacetate transport 4 11
G6 Cotranslational protein targeting to membrane; protein insertion into mitochondrial membrane; protein import into peroxisome membrane; reg. sporulation; actin filament bundle assembly involved in cytokinesis 5 25
G7 Acetate fermentation, acetyl-CoA biosynthesis (from acetate), reg. transcription on exit from mitosis 7 50
STRING S1 Response to hypoxia; oxidation-dependent protein catabolic process; anaerobic respiration; age-dependent response to reactive oxygen species; cellular response to oxidative stress 36 169
S2 Positive and negative reg. of mitotic and nuclear cell cycle, DNA replication, budding cell apical bud growth 16 98
S3 Transport of aerobic electron, acetyl-CoA, vacuolar transmembrane, amine, transport (5); ribose phosphate metabolic process; D-ribose metabolic and catabolic processes (2) 22 93
S4 Heterochromatin maintenance involved in chromatin silencing; sister chromatid segregation 6 70
S5 Cytoplasmic and mitochondrial translation (4); regulation of translational fidelity; ADP biosynthesis 6 76
S6 rRNA processing; separation, cleavage and maturation of SSU-rRNA (5); ribosomal (large subunit) biogenesis 14 143