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Table 2 Performance accuracy of the proposed approach

From: Identification of donor splice sites using support vector machine: a computational approach based on positional, compositional and dependency features

Measure Balanced Imbalanced
Human Cattle Fish Worm Human Cattle Fish Worm
AUC-ROC 96.05 96.94 96.95 96.24 97.21 97.45 97.41 98.06
AUC-PR 97.64 97.89 97.91 97.90 93.24 93.34 93.38 92.29
  1. The performance of the proposed approach is measured in terms of AUC-ROC and AUC-PR in all the four species under both balanced and imbalanced situations. It can be seen that the values of AUC-ROC is almost similar in all the four species under both situations, whereas the values of AUC-PR are higher in balanced case as compared to the imbalanced situation