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Fig. 1

From: A Bayesian inference method for the analysis of transcriptional regulatory networks in metagenomic data

Fig. 1

a Posterior probability of a 300 bp-long randomly generated sequence (40 % G + C) as a function of the score of a sampled CsoR site inserted at the first position of the sequence. The plot shows the results of 10,000 independent replicates. b Average posterior probability of a simulated eggNOG/COG. The eggNOG/COG contains 100 (300 bp-long, 40 % G + C) sequences, 30 of which contain inserted sites. Sites were either sampled randomly from the CsoR motif and inserted the first 30 sequences (multiple sites) or a single site was sampled from the motif and inserted in the first 30 sequences (single site). The plot shows the results of 10 independent experiments for each case. Vertical bars denote the standard deviation

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