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Fig. 5

From: Playing hide and seek with repeats in local and global de novo transcriptome assembly of short RNA-seq reads

Fig. 5

The chimeric transcript c12400_g1_i1 that aligns to the gene MOB1A in chromosome 2 and also to the gene PEBP1 in chromosome 12, in which the fusion of these genes is due to a small identical region shared between two different repeats present in their UTR regions (see “Measuring the confidence of a transcript in full-length transcriptome assemblers” section for details of each panel). a The alignment of the transcript c12400_g1_i1 to reference hg38, visualised using the UCSC Genome Browser. b The regions where both alignments intersect the repeats that cause the chimerism. c The mapping of all reads to transcript c12400_g1_i1 visualised using IGV. d A local visualisation of the subgraph induced by the k-mers of transcript c12400_g1_i1 at the junction point which causes the chimerism

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