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Fig. 1

From: Approximating the DCJ distance of balanced genomes in linear time

Fig. 1

Examples of an inconsistent cycle (dashed edges) and an inconsistent set of cycles (dotted edges). The adjacency graph for \(A = (\circ \; a_1 \; b_1 \; a_2 \; b_2 \; a_3 \; a_4 \; a_5 \; \circ )\) and \(B = (\circ \; b_1 \; \overline{a}_1 \; b_2 \; a_2 \; a_3 \; a_4 \; a_5 \; \circ )\), with some edges omitted. For the sake of clarity, edges are labeled with extremities they represent. For example, an edge labeled \(g^t_{i-j}\) represents extremities \(g^t_i\) from A and \(g^t_j\) from B

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