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Fig. 4

From: Aligning coding sequences with frameshift extension penalties

Fig. 4

Top rough representation of the real alignment of CDS FAM86C1-002, FAM86B1-001 and FAM86B2-202. Rectangular colored portions represent concatenations of nucleotides in the alignment while blank portions represent concatenations of gap symbols. The lengths of the alignment portions are given at the bottom. The colors of the nucleotide regions indicate the coding frame in which they are translated, taking the frame of CDS FAM86C1-002 as reference. For example, there is a nucleotide region of length 89 shared by the three CDS and translated in 3 different coding frames. Bottom real alignment of three CDS (figure obtained using the visualization software seaview [29]). Nucleotides are colored according to the codon structure of the first CDS FAM86C1-002

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