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Fig. 3

From: Core column prediction for protein multiple sequence alignments

Fig. 3

Correlation of augmented and unaugmented feature functions with true accuracy. The scatterplots show the correlation with true accuracy of alignment feature functions for the Facet accuracy estimator. Points in the scatterplots correspond to computed alignments for benchmarks with known reference alignments; all scatterplots are over the same set of alignments. The vertical axis is the feature function value, while the horizontal axis is true accuracy of the computed alignment with respect to the reference. The top and bottom scatterplots correspond respectively to unaugmented and augmented versions of the same feature function: on top is the original unaugmented Facet feature, and on the bottom is this feature augmented with predicted coreness. The plotted feature functions are: a original Secondary Structure Identity F SI, b original Secondary Structure Blockiness F BL, c augmented Secondary Structure Identity FSI, and d augmented Secondary Structure Blockiness FBL

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