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Fig. 6

From: StreAM-\(T_g\): algorithms for analyzing coarse grained RNA dynamics based on Markov models of connectivity-graphs

Fig. 6

Robustness for \(T_g(a)\) of the native riboswitch. a Scatter plot matrix of computed \(\vec {\pi }\) for each \(T_g(a)\) at different d. The lower triangle includes the scatterplots obtained at different d. The diagonal includes the histogram of all 65 \(\vec {\pi }\) and the upper triangle includes the Pearson product moment correlation of the corresonding scatterplots. b Illustration of single \(T(V')\) derived for vertex combination 52, 54 and 51 for \(d \in [11, 15]\) Å as heat maps

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