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Fig. 2

From: ASP-based method for the enumeration of attractors in non-deterministic synchronous and asynchronous multi-valued networks

Fig. 2

A part of the state-transition graph of the AN given in Fig. 1 for the asynchronous update scheme, computed from the initial state: \(\langle a_1, b_2, c_0, d_1 \rangle \) until reaching attractors. We can observe three fixed points: \(\langle a_1, b_1, c_1, d_0 \rangle \), \(\langle a_1, b_1, c_0, d_0 \rangle \) and \(\langle a_0, b_0, c_0, d_1 \rangle \); an attractor of size 2: \(\{ \langle a_0, b_1, c_0, d_0 \rangle , \langle a_0, b_1, c_0, d_2 \rangle \}\) (in blue) and an attractor of size 4: \(\{ \langle a_1, b_2, c_1, d_1 \rangle ,\langle a_0, b_2, c_1, d_1 \rangle ,\langle a_0, b_2, c_1, d_0 \rangle ,\langle a_1, b_2, c_1, d_0 \rangle \}\) (in yellow)

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