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Fig. 3

From: ASP-based method for the enumeration of attractors in non-deterministic synchronous and asynchronous multi-valued networks

Fig. 3

A part of the state-transition graph of the AN given in Fig. 1 for the synchronous update scheme, computed from several initial states, such as \(\langle a_1, b_2, c_0, d_1 \rangle \), until reaching attractors. It features non-deterministic global transitions, depicted by the two red arrows. We can observe the same three fixed points than for the asynchronous update scheme of Fig. 2, but instead two attractors of size 2: \(\{ \langle a_0, b_1, c_0, d_0 \rangle , \langle a_0, b_1, c_0, d_2 \rangle \}\) (in blue) and \(\{ \langle a_1, b_2, c_1, d_1 \rangle , \langle a_0, b_2, c_1, d_0 \rangle \}\) (in gray)

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