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Table 2 Results of our fixed points enumeration implementation

From: ASP-based method for the enumeration of attractors in non-deterministic synchronous and asynchronous multi-valued networks

Models Fixed points enumeration for both update schemes
\(\Delta ^{\mathsf {all}} t\) (ms) #\(^{\mathsf {all}} \mathbf {F}\)
Example 2 3
Lambda phage 4 1
Trp-reg 6 2
Fission-yeast 5 1
Mamm. 3 1
Tcrsig 5 8
FGF 25 1536
T-helper 170,642 5,875,504
  1. The successive lines sum up the information regarding models detailed in Table 1. For each model, the table shows the computation time for the enumeration of all results and the total number of returned answer sets