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Table 1 The rearranged pairs with average overlap size \(\bar{\ell }>10\) nt and their rearrangement type as specified in the literature

From: Partially local three-way alignments and the sequence signatures of mitochondrial genome rearrangements

Species Accessions \(\bar{\ell }\) Literature Type References
Maulisia mauli Normichthys operosus NC_011007NC_011009 127 TDRL [10]
Phaeognathus hubrichti Hydromantes brunus NC_006344NC_006345 66 no duplication TDRL [38, 39]
Galaxias maculatus Galaxiella nigrostriata NC_004594NC_008448 62 duplication deletion [10]
Jordanella floridae Xenotoca eiseni NC_011387NC_011381 59 duplication deletion [40]
Olisthops cyanomelas Chlorurus sordidus NC_009061NC_006355 27 duplication [41]
Parachanna insignis Odontobutis platycephala NC_022480NC_010199 25 TDRL [42]
Platax orbicularis Luvarus imperialis NC_013136NC_009851 20 annotation error trnY [43]
Ischikauia steenackeri Chanodichthys mongolicus NC_008667NC_008683 20 annotation error trnI [44]
Albula glossodonta Pterothrissus gissu NC_005800NC_005796 20 TDRL [45]
Galago senegalensis Otolemur crassicaudatus NC_012761NC_012762 19 annotation error trnI [46]
Batrachoseps wrighti Batrachoseps attenuatus NC_006333NC_006340 19 duplication deletion [39]
Diplophos taenia Chauliodus sloani NC_002647NC_003159 19 TDRL [47]
Chlorurus sordidus Xenotoca eiseni NC_006355NC_011381 18 duplication deletion [41]
Chauliodus sloani Myctophum affine NC_003159NC_003163 10 duplication deletion [48]