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Fig. 6

From: Biologically feasible gene trees, reconciliation maps and informative triples

Fig. 6

Shown is a (tube-like) species trees S with reconciled gene tree \((T;t,\sigma )\) (taken from [63]). The informative triple set \(\mathcal {S}(T;t,\sigma )\) is consistent and application of Lemma 5.9 shows that S is unique. Moreover, the reconciliation map \(\mu\) is unique, however, not time-consistent. Thus, although \(\mathcal {S}(T;t,\sigma )\) is consistent, there is no time-consistent reconciliation map for \((T;t,\sigma )\) and S. Nevertheless, it can be shown that \((T;t,\sigma )\) is biologically feasible

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