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Fig. 1

From: Gene tree parsimony for incomplete gene trees: addressing true biological loss

Fig. 1

An example showing the difference between \(L_{bd}(gt,ST)\) and \(L^*_{bd}(gt,ST)\). a A gene tree \(gt = ((b,c),a)\), b a species tree \(ST = ((((a,c),(b,d)),e),(f,g))\). Here, \(\mathcal {M}(r(gt)) \ne r(ST)\), and \(UMMC(gt,ST) = \{\{e\},\{f,g\}\}\). \(L_{bd}(gt,ST)\) is the number of losses required to reconcile gt with ST according to Eq. 2, and we get \(L^*_{bd}(gt,ST)\) by adding |UMMC(gtST)| to \(L_{bd}(gt,ST)\)

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