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Fig. 4

From: OCTAL: Optimal Completion of gene trees in polynomial time

Fig. 4

The performance of OCTAL and ASTRAL-II across replicate datasets with the RF distance evaluation criteria. Each subfigure shows the relative performance of OCTAL (using ASTRID as the reference tree) and ASTRAL-II where RF distance was used to compare the estimated completed gene trees to the true gene trees. The number of gene trees for which OCTAL is better than ASTRAL-II is shown in red, the number of gene trees for which ASTRAL-II is better is shown in blue, and the number of genes for which OCTAL and ASTRAL-II are tied is shown in yellow. OCTAL has a statistically significant improvement over ASTRAL-II (as measured by a one-sided Wilcoxon signed-rank test; see main text for details) on replicate datasets with an asterisk (*)

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